The law firm Kancelaria Hawk Sp. z o.o., Sp. k. has been established on the basis of a dynamically developing transport-forwarding company operating since 2007.

Through the period of our activity we have strengthened our position both in domestic and European market. We had to assert many times our rights in the course of legal proceedings, achieving success. Our staff comprises of highly qualified employees who are constantly developing their knowledge and are willing to take up new challenges.

We draw on our experience resulting from our former activity in the transport and forwarding industry. What distinguishes us is not only vast factual knowledge, which translates into the quality of provided services, but also proper understanding of the character of business activities carried out by our Clients, as well as engagement in the cases we deal with and our creative attitude. Through the years of gathering experience we have worked out solutions to many problems covering our area of interest, and thus we are able to tackle the issues concerning our Clients much faster and cheaper than other companies.

Looking for a solution to a particular problem, we always analyse an alternative way in order to minimize the risk and costs involved.


Kancelaria Hawk Sp. z o.o., Sp. k. cooperates only with professionals who guarantee the highest level of provided services. All members of our team have vast factual knowledge and broad experience in the transport and forwarding industry.

We employ not only lawyers – in the course of legal training (as legal advisers) during their last years of their studies, specialized in domestic and foreign transport law and civil procedure, but also experienced professional forwarders.

Our cooperation is based on contracts of mandate signed with transport and forwarding experts, legal advisors running their own law firms, as well as with specialists providing information concerning debtors’ assets.

Our team members are constantly improving their qualifications, in particular by taking part in specialist trainings and lectures. Hence they are familiar with up-to-date information concerning current judicial decisions and legal doctrine in the scope of provided legal services.