– debt recovery
We offer an effective debt recovery not only in Poland but also abroad. We take necessary steps in the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain. Our efficiency arises from our vast experience in cooperating with bailiffs from the aforementioned countries.

– settlement of litigations with Contractors
We will contact and explain questions at issue on your behalf with a Contractor. We will also negotiate a satisfactory settlement taking care of your business.

– extrajudicial and judicial protection against domestic and foreign claims
A Contractor has unlawfully charged you with a debit note ? We will take care your business was safe in accordance with law in force so that you did not have to bear the unnecessary costs.

– seizure of a vehicle
Seizure of a vehicle on a border very often resulting from circumstances beyond your control, causes a serious financial loss. We have got experience in an effective restoration of seized vehicles.

– complex legal service
By paying a fixed subscription we offer you access to all our legal services and you are served in first place. The price of the subscription as well as the scope of provided services included in a chosen contract, is a matter of an individual settlement adjusted to your needs.


– pre-trial procedures leading to a settlement
Someone posted a fake and negative comment concerning you and your activity on a forum or on a freight exchange ? We will help you to protect your personal rights and your image. Our actions will lead to deletion of groundless comments. We will negotiate an advantegous settlement on our Client’s behalf by avoiding high costs of a legal procedure.

– legal advice
We will provide you a detailed answer either to your question or to your case. Our advice includes:
• a legal analysis
• a justification with a legal basis,
• possible actions to take in a given case.

– representation of lawsuits
Our legal advisers shall represent you in the court or other institutions, acting on a basis of a proxy given by you and according to a settled agreement on a legal aid.

– agreements’ samples
On a basis of information supplied by you, we will prepare a template of an agreement only to be filled by you. We can also prepare for you a project of: a claim, a response to a claim, an appeal, a petition, an evidence motion with a suitable legal justification.


– management of liquidation proceedings (damage due to traffic accidents, CMR)
Was there an accident during transport ? Goods, vehicules or a trailer were damaged ? We will take care of your case starting from reporting damage to an insurer, through its control and a necessary delivery of documentation right to its final that is obtaining damages.

– management of appeal proceedings in case of a refusal to pay compensation by an insurer
If necessary, we will conduct both a complete appeal procedure and a complete service of litigations with an insurer.

– advice on contracts with insurance companies (risk analysis)
We will enquire into the general terms and conditions of insurance you have made, we will find possible weak points. Having done this, we will offer you solutions that will fully protect you against the financial consequences related to damage in the transportation industry.